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Because certain materials damage or wear your nozzles to much the Ruby nozzle was created. This special nozzle with ruby is extremely firm and durable.
The Ultimaker Original is a stand alone 3D printer. Build it, use it, improve it to get that perfect print!
€1.203,95 €961,95
BCN3D has optimized the Sigma R17. According to 3D Hubs, this highly rated workhorse combines reliability and quality. New is the renewed LCD-screen, improved stepper drivers and new axial fans.
€2.655,95 €1.899,01
ICE Filaments ICE-metal is a special created filament that contains 80% metal content. Thanks to this metal content, your print gets a bronze look. ICE-metal is easily printable and post-processable.
Form Wash, the ideal way to clean your prints perfectly every time. Thanks to the internal impeller, the Isopropyl Alcohol (IPA) flows around every nook and cranny of your print.
Thanks to this Helling 3D Scan Spray you create an anti-reflection coating on your object, which allows you to scan without problems, to reach the highest results possible.
€29,95 €27,49
You like to draw in 3D and you are already the proud owner of the Doodle3D WiFi Box? You’ll find that this Doodle3D Transform Software License is the thing you need to enjoy drawing in 3D one year longer!
Improve and speed up your scan proces thank to the automatic turntable pro for the HP 3D Structured Light Scanner Pro. This turntable works automatic, so that you capture each side of the object with great accuracy.
€995,00 €949,85
Helling 3D Scan Spray Cleaner allows you to clean your objects fast and accurate, after using the Scan Spray.
€23,95 €21,49
Our Atomic Green 1.75mm ABS filament has a poisonous solid green colour, which gives your prints a really flashy look. You will love this fresh and accelerating green colour.
€27,00 €19,29
Our Ocean Blue ABS filament will remind you of those beautiful, refreshing and blue-watered oceans you see on tropical holiday postcards. With this opaque blue coloured filament you can get that tropical oceanic experience in your living room....
€27,00 €19,29
The Ultimaker 2+ nozzle pack contains multiple nozzles for the Ultimaker 2+.
Wow, you will absolutely love our Robotic Grey ABS filament! With this awesome solid grey colored filament you will be able to give your prints a masculine “robotic” metal look.
€27,00 €19,29
Our Solar Yellow ABS filament is as laid-back as a day on the beach. It prints smoothly and its opaque bright yellow colour is just fantastic. You will love it!
€27,00 €19,29
LCD Control Panel + Plastic part Felix 3
Heater Cartridge 24V 35W (#2283)
Print Head Shaft Y (#1173)
LAYBRICK is a revolutionary new sandstone-like desktop 3D printer filament. Laybrick contains small brick fibers, which makes your 3D print look like it is made from sandstone. It is also suitable for other printers using a 1.75 mm filament.
€23,99 €18,15
Sliding Block Spring (#1168)
This nozzle pack contains 5x the 0.6mm nozzle for the Ultimaker 2+. With this 0.6mm nozzle, you can print faster than with the standard nozzle.
With Z-HIPS, Zortrax has produced a material that is very resistant to warping during the 3D printing process. Big prints can be made without any problem.
€131,89 €98,92
3Dkanjers Discovery Basic
Printing with smartABS filament means that you will have 90% less failure caused by warping, as the bonding between the layers is much better. This unique feature makes smartABS perfect for printing large(r) objects.
€39,99 €26,61
The Sweet Purple premium ABS filament has a really groovy semi-transparent dark purple color, which will give your creations an awesome appearance. You just cannot stop looking at this inspiring, sweet and groovy color.
€27,00 €19,29
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