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Sense Intel RealSense scanner.

The Sense 3D scanner has the most versatile scan range in its class with auto-optimized settings for objects large and small.

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Big or small, scan it all

The Sense-RS 3D scanner has the most versatile scan range in its class with auto-optimized settings for objects large and small.

Life goes on

For life on the go

Hand-held mobility gives you the freedom to scan spontaneously, everywhere you go.

Zero in

Zero in on what matters

Automatic object recognition extracts precise targets from the busiest of backgrounds, scanning only the object you want.


Mash up your world

Full integration between the Sense-RS 3D scanner and Cubify Sculpt gives you the creative freedom to combine scans with other favorite designs.

Life is Better

Edit with ease

The Sense-RS 3D scanner is accurate, fast and easy to use. Scans process in seconds and can be cropped, enhanced and solidified for 3D printing in minutes.

Physical to Digital

Physical to digital and back again

Fully integrated with Cubify.com and your Cube 3D printer, the Sense-RS allows scans to upload directly for 3D printing, either at home or through the cloud.

Sense-RS 3D scanner Tech specs

Supported operating systems

Windows 8® (32-bit or 64-bit) or later

Maximum power consumption

2.25 watts

Scan volume

Min: 0.2m x 0.2m x 0.2m
Max: 2m x 2m x 2m


17.8cm x 12.9cm x 3.3cm

Operating range

Min: 0.2m
Max: 1.6m

Depth image size

640(w) x 480(h) px

Field of view

Horizontal: 45°
Vertical: 57.5°
Diagonal: 69°

Spatial x/y resolution @ 0.5m


Depth resolution @ 0.5m


Operating temperature

10-40° C

Data interface

USB 3.0

Maximal Image Throughput

30 fps

USB Cord Length

182.88 cm

Color Image Size

1920(w) x 1080(h) px

Hardware recommendations

Intel® Core i5™ or equivalent processor
RAM: 2 GB minimum
1280 x 1024 minimum screen resolution
Color: 32-bit
4 GB available hard disk space

FAQ: Sense-RS 3D scanner

What is the scan volume of Sense-RS 3D scanner?

 The scan volume can be as small as 8 inches, to as large as 118 inches. The Sense-RS 3D scanner has automated settings for optimized scanning of small objects (<18 inches), medium objects like a portrait or bust (<32 inches) and large objects like a full body or scene (<6 feet). The Sense-RS 3D scanner has the most diverse scan range in its class with auto-optimized settings for small and large objects like a book or a motorcycle, heads to full bodies and scenes as large as 10 feet tall and wide.

What is the connectivity for the Sense-RS 3D scanner?

USB 2.0 is the preferred connection.

How long does it take for the scanner to start up?

The scanner will start supplying scan data one second after connection and identification.

What operating systems work with Sense-RS 3D scanner?

Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1.

Is there any special software needed for Sense-RS 3D scanner?

The Sense-RS 3D scanner comes with proprietary software. The scanner and software do not work without each other. The software allows you to scan, crop, edit, enhance and export your scan for further editing like mashing it up with another design in software like Cubify Sculpt, 3D print it or upload to Cubify.com.

What is the resolution of scans from Sense-RS 3D scanner?

It varies. At the highest resolution, the point-to-point spacing will be around 0.025 inches, and you will get scans ranging from about 20,000 to 400,000 triangles

What file types does Sense-RS 3D scanner export?

The Sense-RS 3D scanner software produces STL, OBJ and PLY files from the final scan. The latter two support per-vertex color output.

Is the Sense-RS 3D scanner compatible with other 3D printers other than the Cube and CubeX?

Yes, the Sense-RS 3D scanner outputs an STL, OBJ or a PLY file that lets you print scans on other 3D printers.

Does the scanner need to be calibrated?

There is absolutely no need for any manual calibration by the user as the scanner self-calibrates during production.

What is scanner’s optimal distance range?

 The scanner can capture depth images from 15 inches to 60 inches away for the subject. The scanner can capture depth at further distances, but these will be beyond the scope of the scanner’s guaranteed performance.

Will the scanner work outdoors?

Different lighting conditions can affect the scanner’s depth acquisition abilities. In general, the PrimeSense-RS Scanner is designed for indoor use and will work less optimally in direct sunlight.

Can the scanner operate in complete darkness?

Yes, though you will not capture any color with the scan data.

Does the Sense-RS 3D scanner use lasers?

Yes, it projects a pattern onto the surroundings using an infrared Class I laser projector. This pattern is invisible to the naked eye.

Scan Technology: Hand Held Mobility
Maximum resolution: -
Maximum range: 0.2 m - 2 m
Exported file types: .stl
Supporting OS: Windows 8 (32-bit or 64-bit) or later
Weight: 1 kg
Scan speed: depends on the scansize
Software: Cubify Sense Scan Software
Scanner Optics: -
Connectivity: USB 3.0
Dimensions: 129 x 178 x 33 mm
Purview: Horizontal: 45° / Vertical: 57.5° / Diagonal 69°
Maximum image throughput: 30 fps
Required RAM Memory: 2 GB minimum
Color: 32-bit
Operating temperature: 10° C - 40° C
Processor: Intel Core i5 or similar
Available space on HD: 4 GB
Maximum consumption: 2.25 watts
Battery Life: no internal battery, energy through USB
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