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ABS+ Review 3: Wim Notredame

ABS+ Review 3: Wim Notredame

Review of ABS+ by Wim Notredame

While unpacking the spool, I noticed that the package was sealed very good: it was vacuum and put in a bag that was big enough to store the spool after usage.
What was noticeable immediately as well was that the spool was filled very good, maybe a bit too much. The  spool is slightly narrow in comparison to the thickness of the filament. This makes that you have to keep an eye on the spool in the beginning, to make sure it doesn’t unfold itself.

To print we used a Felix 3.0.
With the first prints with ABS+ we noticed that it was very important to settle the pressure on the extruder. Because the friction with the cogwheel was too high the transparent filament got damaged easily. This made the print less transparent and gave it a frosted white look. By the high pressure there was also the problem of the bigger dust formation in the extruder. We could settle this by changing the extruder settings. Then we could make the first print.

The first print we made with ICE Filaments ABS+ was a little shoe (model by Recreus). This print succeeded immediately. Only the back heel of the shoe was loosened from the printbed a little. When we printed the same shoe with normal ABS – filament, almost the entire shoe came loose from the printbed. With the normal ABS, it was necessary to print a craft as well.

The next print we did was the Calib3.stl. To slice this we started with using Cura. We found the bridges were low on quality. We tested using KISSlicer next. This gave a much better result than Cura.

Advantages of ICE Filaments ABS+ in comparison to other ABS – filaments:
-          Less warping, what makes that the prints stick better to the printbed.
-          The tape can be used much longer
-          After the print, it is easier to polish while finishing.
-          Easier to use, even with low temperatures
-          Higher printing speed is possible
-          Better results

Downsides about ABS+ in comparison to ABS:
-          ABS+ feels a bit more fragile than ABS. ABS feels more massive, even though it has   more warping.
-          With the end result we can see some dust dreads, so it needs more finishing.

After testing ABS+ and ABS elaborately, I prefer ABS+ for sure. The possibility to reach a higher print speed and save time this way is very nice. Also, the higher and more fine finishing off of the bridges is a big advantage.



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