ABS+ Review 2: Alexander Raush

ABS+ Review 2: Alexander Raush


We've been making several printing with ICE FILAMENTS ABS+ and compared the very same models made with our best and worse ABS and PLA too

ICE FILAMENTS ABS+ reacts really well to temperature with minimum warping and no sensibility to environment temperature when printing (thus meaning very nice prints with no eXtra fans or covering on our open D4).
The filament coil comes inside a box in a vacuum-sealed bag; extrusion max and min temperatures are indicated on the coil, this let us print immediately with no doubt nor waste of time.

ICE FILAMENTS ABS+ behaves exactly like our best ABS: low or no warping, excellent sticking to bed with an even lower bed-temperature, even though it reacts really well to higher temperature too (thus letting us use our dual extruder with ICE FILAMENTS ABS+ and another different ABS filaments)
There is just one little thing we didn't like about ICE Filaments ABS+: the filament coil is not wide enough, that means that the filament is "spring rolled" and pops up every now and then. This is not a big issue, as long as the filament is used the "tension" of the filament decreases, actually this problem comes up just in the first few prints.

GENERAL SETTINGS: not all producers give specific temperature range with their filament, for our luck ICE FILAMENTS ABS+ comes with this values, so we had to make no tests at all.

We've been using the same speed parameters we already had for our best ABS and all the values worked great. Every model we have been printing looked exactly like expected, extrusion with this material is really smooth and we have never experienced any problem with feeding nor when loading the filament. And of course no nozzle clogs at all.

FIRST LAYER STICKNESS: first layer stickness is, obviously, the very first issue that can come in 3d printing process.
With ICE FILAMENTS ABS+ we really managed to find our favourite filament, it sticks really well to our printing platform with a little lower bed temperature than our best ABS, thus meaning less power consumption and that's not a bad thing!

BRIDGES: if first layer stick is the main issue in 3d printing, bridges and overhangs are second and third worse trouble.
We have found that temperature sensibility is a really strong factor in managing this issues and ICE FILAMENTS ABS+ is really great with that. ICE FILAMENTS ABS+ worked great, even without lowering the extrusion temperature in difficult parts.

FINISH: the very best part of this material is its nylon-like finish, no ABS look like this! we found that 100% infill gave printed object an almost completely transparent look, while lower infill values gives a semi-transparent finish. To us both results are fantastic and not reachable with other ABS filaments

WARPING: due to the good "ability" of first layer sticking, warping is not a big issues when using ICE FILAMENTS ABS+. Another great thing about ICE FILAMENTS ABS+ is its resistance to cold environment. When environment temperature is too low, some ABS printing failed due to non sticking layers, this never happened with ICE FILAMENTS ABS+, every layer bound with each other really well with hot or warm environment

STRENGHT AND FLEXIBILITY: ICE FILAMENTS ABS+ is a little softer than ordinary ABS but equally strong. We tried and print single shell items to test strenght and flexibility and ICE FILAMENTS ABS+ is the really good for both

CONCLUSIONS: ICE FILAMENTS ABS+ has become one of our favourite filaments, we absolutely recommend it to pro's and beginners. its ease of use and fantastic look when printed is absolutely adviceable for anyone enjoying 3d printing as a hobby or work.


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