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The BCN3D Epsilon W27 is a strong, professional 3D printer, designed to print large scale objects with industrial-grade materials.

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The BCN3D Epsilon W27 is a strong, professional 3D printer, designed to print large scale objects with industrial-grade materials. The passive heated chamber and the full enclosure help to reach the best results possible. And with the Independent Dual Extruder (IDEX) system, the Epsilon W50 can produce exceptionally strong functional parts with high quality and precision.

Independent Dual Extrusion
The Independent Dual Extrusion (IDEX) system differs from other dual-headed 3D printers, as both print heads can move separately. This has multiple advantages during the printing process. The first one is the certainty that the non-used printhead in dual-color or multimaterial prints does not hinder the first one, or damage the print.

Secondly, due to the build volume of the Epsilon W27, the IDEX system allows you to print in different ways. Multi material and multi-color are two ways, but it is also possible to upscale your production by printing in mirror mode or duplication mode. In mirror mode, the prints are mirrored on the build platform (ex.g. a left and a right shoe), while in duplication mode both prints are similar. Be aware that it is only possible to print in one material during these kinds of prints, but it can allow you to increase your production process speed.

Qualitative hotends
Looking at previous printers from BCN3D, they have upgraded their hotends to the qualitative versions of E3D. The various diameters of the hotends available allow you to print faster or more accurately, depending on the nozzle size.

The E3D hotends also allow you to print a multitude of materials on the Epsilon W27, going from regular PLA to industrial-grade materials. Both BCN3D materials and third-party materials can be printed. For the overview, check the picture on top of the page.

Designed to perform…
The Epsilon W27 was designed to perform. A full enclosure and a strong and firm metal body allow the machine to reach an inner printroom temperature (up to 60°C), while the heated printbed (up to 120°C maximum) gives you the option to print in multiple industrial-grade materials. A build-in Safety Pause automatically pauses the printing process when the door is opened. This is a safety feature to provide burns and failed prints. A sudden drop in temperature in the printing chamber might decrease the result of your print or make it fail.

The built-in HEPA and CARBON filters also provide air filtration when printing with the more materials. This way you protect yourself and your employees against the small particles that can be released during printing.

… with a high user friendliness
Quality and precision are not the only features of the Epsilon W27. The 5” touchscreen, which is available in different languages, guides you through the entire process such as calibration and changing materials. The built-in filament runout sensor detects the flow of the material and pauses the print when the material has run out or is no longer being fed adequately. This reduces the risk of bad prints.

Smart Cabinet Ecosystem
Finally, there is the Smart Cabinet, a support to optimize the entire ecosystem of the Epsilon W27. The Smart Cabinet (expected delivery time Q2 2021) has a built-in battery (Uninterruptible Power Supply), so you will not have a failed print in the event of a power failure. In the 2 minutes after the power failure, the Epsilon W27 will move its print heads to the home position. Once the power is back, the print heads simply continue in the last known position.

The Smart Cabinet also has a moisture-controlling environment. This allows you to easily store your materials in this room. The SC filters the moisture out of the air, so you can keep your materials longer. This environment can store up to 8 small spools (750gr or 1kg) or 4 large spools (up to 2.5kg).

If you are interested in the Epsilon W27 and you need more information, or you want to see it in action, don’t hesitate to contact us for a guided tour of our Demo Center.

Print technology: Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF)
Maximum build volume: 420mm x 300mm x 220mm (16.5” x 11.8” x 8.7”)
Dimensions of the 3D printer: 690mm (W) x 530mm (D) x 750mm (H) (27.2” x 20.9” x 29.5”)
Weight: 33Kg
Pre-assembled?: Yes
Nozzle diameter: Brass nozzle: 0,4mm (default) | 0,6mm | 0,8mm | 1,0mm // Hotend X: 0,6mm
Nozzle temperature: Max 300 ºC
Filament diameter: 2.85mm
Layer Resolution: 0,05mm - 0,5mm (custom profiles)
Print speed: -
Positioning precision of the axes: 1,25μm / 1,25μm / 1μm
Calibration: Assisted Automatic Leveling
Printable materials: Standard materials: PLA, PET-G, TPU 98A, PVA // Technical materials: ABS, PP, PA // Composite materials (only with Hotend X): PP GF30, PAHT CF15
Heated printbed: Max 120°C
Stand alone printing via SD?: Yes
Stand alone printing via USB?: No
Stand alone printing via WiFi: WiFi or Ethernet (through BCN3D Cloud)
LCD Screen: 5" full color capacitive touchscreen
Software: BCN3D Cura
File format: STL, 3MF, OBJ, AMF
Supporting OS: Windows, Mac, Linux
Open / Closed Source?: Open Source
Remarks: Printing modes: Single mode | Duplication mode | Mirror mode | Multimaterial mode | Soluble Supports mode
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