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The 3DGence Double P255, the professional dual extruder 3D printer was designed to produce hiqh qualitative and detailed prints.

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The 3DGence Double P255, the professional dual extruder 3D printer was designed to produce high qualitative and detailed prints. With an easy changeable printbed, automatic calibration and two printheads, the 3DGence offers an endless variation of solutions.

Thanks to its dual printhead, it allows you to print complex geometrical models with ease. The combination of multiple materials or multiple colors of the same material allow you to create high-quality and detailed prints.

What distinguishes the 3DGence Double P255?

The visual quality lets the printouts stand out after printing, while the 4.3” touchscreen and the filament end sensor ensure easy operations. The durable components guarantee mechanical reliability, while the proprietary hotends allow printing even with flexible filaments.

Dual Material printing

Two hotends in the 3DGence Double P255 enable printing from both model and support material. A versatile variation of materials can be printed, in different material combinations. These combinations are:

  • PLA + BVOH (PVA)
  • PET + BVOH (PVA)
  • PP + HIPS
  • Nylon + HIPS
  • (Smart) ABS + HIPS

Next to this, the Double P255 also enables the possibility to print multiple colors of the same material at the same time.

Interchangeable heatbed

The ceramic heatbed creates a natural-looking texture on the bottom of every print, while the interchangeable heatbed offers the possibility of a quick and independent replacement of the heatbed.

Dual swappable hotends

Not only the heatbed is changeable, also the hotends can be replaced in a matter of seconds, without the use of any tools. The inactive hotend is automatically lifted, offering more accurate printouts and a minimized chance of a clogged nozzle. The use of two separate hotends also allows you to print in a model and support material.

Control system and cover

The material flow control system measures the flow of the filament while printing. It automatically pauzes the print when the material runs out, is clogged or entangled.

The enclosure that is automatically delivered with the 3DGence Double P255 offers an additional safety against shrinkage and allows a stable temperature to be created within the print surface.

Included when ordering the 3DGence Double P255 3D printer are:

  • 1x Enclosure
  • 1x Additional Hot End
  • 1x Memory Card
  • 1x Power Cable
  • 1x USB Cable
  • 2x Bowden Tube
  • 2x Spool Holder
  • 1x Dimafix Pen
  • Additional accessories (gloves, pliers, …)
  • 1 spool Model material (PLA)
  • 1 spool Support material (BVOH)
Print technology: FFF (Fused Filament Fabrication)
Maximum build volume: 190 x 255 x 195 mm
Dimensions of the 3D printer: 635 x 520 x 525mm
Weight: 26 kg
Pre-assembled?: Yes
Nozzle diameter: 0.4mm
Nozzle temperature: max. 270°C
Filament diameter: 1.75 mm
Layer Resolution: min. 20 microns
Print speed: -
Positioning precision of the axes: X: 6 micron / Y: 6 micron / Z: 0.4 micron
Calibration: Automatic
Printable materials: PLA, PET, PP, Nylon, Flexible, ABS, BVOH, HIPS
Heated printbed: Yes, max. 160°C
Stand alone printing via SD?: Yes
Stand alone printing via USB?: Yes
Stand alone printing via WiFi: No
LCD Screen: Yes
Software: 3DGence Slicer
File format: .stl, .3mf, .obj, .jpg, .bmp
Supporting OS: Windows, macOS
Open / Closed Source?: Open Source
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