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Desktop Metal


Trideus is delighted to announce a new partnership with Desktop Metal.

As a continuation of our 3D printing experience, we are proud to announce the next step in the evolution of our range. With the addition of the Desktop Metal Studio System+, we are continuing the diversification of our range to both professional and industrial solutions. By offering this variation of products, combined with our strong service and experience, this allows us to support companies in their successful transition towards the “Industry 4.0” era.



Office-friendly, affordable metal 3D printing. Designed for engineers.

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Safe for the office

The Studio System eliminates lasers and loose powders often associated with metal 3D printing, making it safe to use in any facility. Unlike other systems, there is no third party equipment or special facilities required—just power and an internet connection.

Easy to use

From simplified model prep to supports that are easily removed by hand, the Studio System makes it easy to print metal parts in-house. Integrated software automates the process to take the guesswork out of achieving parts with good metallurgy.

Built to scale

The system is designed to adapt to diverse business needs. The software auto-generates custom build plans optimized for multi-part jobs, while increased debind and sinter capacity enables scalable throughput for low volume production.

An end-to-end solution

The Studio System is a three-part solution that automates metal 3D printing. Tightly integrated through Desktop Metal’s cloud-based software, it delivers a seamless workflow for printing complex metal parts in-house—from digital file to sintered part.

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Unlike laser-based systems that selectively melt metal powder, the printer extrudes bound metal rods—similar to how an FDM printer works. This eliminates the safety requirements often associated with metal 3D printing while enabling new features like the use of closed-cell infill for lightweight strength.

Build envelope
30 x 20 x 20 cm
Max build rate
16 cm³/hr
Min layer height
50 µm

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The debinder prepares green parts for sintering by dissolving primary binder. With a low emission design, it requires no external ventilation and is safe for an office environment. Automatic fluid distillation and recycling means there is no need to refill between each cycle.

Fluid vol
17.4 L max
Vapor mgmt
No external ventilation required
102 x 74 x 57 cm

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Fully-automated and sized to fit through an office door, the furnace delivers industrial-strength sintering in an office-friendly package. Built-in temperature profiles tuned to every build and material ensure uniform heating and cooling without the residual stresses introduced in laser-based systems.

(2) 900L onboard canisters
External gas connectors
Peak temp
1400 °C
h 162 w 138 d 75 cm

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Secure, web-based software constructs build plans from STL or CAD files, automatically generating supports and control parameters based on part geometry and material.


Layer by layer, a green part is shaped by extruding bound metal rods—metal powder held together by wax and polymer binders—in a process called Bound Metal Deposition™.


The green part is immersed in proprietary debind fluid, dissolving primary binder and creating an open-pore channel structure throughout the part in preparation for sintering.


As the part is heated to temperatures near melting, remaining binder is removed and metal particles fuse together causing the part to densify up to 96-99.8%.

Remove support

Designed to simplify post-processing, the Studio System prints supports with a patented Ceramic Release Layer™ that does not bond to the metal part. This makes it possible to separate supports by hand.


After completing the process, you have highly detailed, fully functional part.

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A software-controlled workflow

Fabricate™ software automates even the most challenging aspects of the fabrication process. It auto-generates supports for easy removal and creates custom build plans that are tuned to the geometry and material for every part in the job—making it easy to produce high-quality metal parts without custom tooling or a dedicated operator.


Low volume production with Studio Fleet™

For the first time, on-demand metal 3D printing will deliver accessible and scalable manufacturing that adapts to diverse business needs, part requirements, production volumes, and cost constraints.


Expert metallurgy built-in

The Studio System brings a wide range of critical alloys to 3D printing—including stainless steels, copper, and tool steels. Each alloy undergoes rigorous qualification by world-leading materials scientists, and our core materials consistently meet or exceed industry standards.

17-4 PH
stainless steel for strength and corrosion resistance
  Download 17-4 PH Material Datasheet
AISI 4140
low alloy, mid-carbon steel for high strength and toughness
tool steel for hardness and abrasion resistance at elevated temperatures
316 L
stainless steel for corrosion resistance at high temps
Inconel 625
stainless steel for corrosion resistance at high temps

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