Different types of plastic printing with our exstensive machine park of synthetic 3D printers.

The possibilities are unlimited! Are you a product designer, artist, architect or a hobbyist? Do you want to visualise your ideas? You have found the right address then! Trideus wil help you convert your ideas into real objects.

There are numerous materials available for you to chose from. They vary on the properties of the print. Depending on the materials and the object (amount, size, resolution, …), we will make a suitable offer for you.

Don’t hesitate to contact us via for more information!

What can be printed?:

For private persons:

  • Personalised gadgets, juwelry, …
  • Model building, racing, …
  • Functional objects (door handle, button, tools, …)
  • Reproduction (eg. Spare parts)

For professional users:

  • Prototypes
  • Scale models
  • Complex objects (mechanical parts)
  • Small series of producion parts

 Materials (click on the material type to look at the technical data):

Machine park:

Fortus 250 MC

  • Produces affordable, ready to use, accurate pieces
  • Works with the technology of Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM process)
  • The accuracy of the finish is 0,241 mm
  • Makes pieces in ABS plus thermoplastic (different colors)
  • Build enveloppe is (XYZ) 254x254x305mm

Objet 350 V

  • Produces affordable, ready to use, accurate pieces
  • Works with the technology of Polyjet 3D printing
  • The accuracy of the finish is 0,1 mm
  • Makes pieces in transparant material (RGD 720): standard plastics / transparant material (Vero Clear) / Rigid Opaque material (Vero family) / Polypropylene like materials (durus white) (PP) / rubber-like materials
  • Hight temperature material: for functional testing with hot air or hot water / rubber like material (tango family): EPDM
  • Build enveloppe is (XYZ) 350x350x200mm

Projet 35010SD

  • Produces high definition models with durable plastics that can be used functionally
  • Delicate parts thanks to melt-away support
  • Works with the Multi Jet Printing technology (MJP)
  • The resolution is 32 µm
  • Makes parts in: ABS-like material (Visijet M3 X) transparant material (Visijet M3 Chrystal), black material (Visijet M3 Black).
    All materials can be tested under aggravating circumstances
  • Build enveloppe is (XYZ) 298x185x203mm


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